Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wow, 2013 Went Fast!

I can't believe that we have just 3 days left in the year. I've been miserable about blogging regularly, which I think I noted at the end of last year. Last week with the kids was fun. I'm off until January 2nd, so we have today and 3 more days together before work begins again.

The kids got a lot of great things from Santa, but unfortunately this year was Mia's year to freak out and refuse to sit on the old man's lap. Oh well, maybe next year when she 'gets it' a bit more. Kieran's favorite present so far this year seems to be his Snap Circuits Jr kit. Mia's loving her LeapPad and Ariel doll.

My favorite present is spending time with the kids - and a working oven.

Yesterday, Kieran wanted a little extra time with me so we went to see Frozen. Kieran declared he thought it was too sad (same as Wreck-It Ralph) and he would not want it on DVD when it came out. I really enjoyed it and think Mia will like it too. Something that struck me (spoilers ahead) was that this is Disney's very first self-rescuing princess. I read a few reviews and was surprised that none of the reviewers noted this (granted its a spoiler, but still). This movie focused almost exclusively on the relationship between two sisters, their familial love and striving to do the right thing. I did not miss any 'big' villain (though their villain left a major plot hole I am willing to overlook because it's a kids movie), and am kinda sad that Kieran felt it's overall story was too sad for him (but I do get it). It was good to get out and do something just the two of us. After the movie we talked about different kinds of powers we would want to have. Kieran wants to be able to talk to the animals, I want tropical powers (Create beaches and be warm).

If I haven't said so recently, Happy Holidays to you. I hope you're having fun wherever you are.

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MsJoanie said...

Oooh, tropical powers. That would be really helpful right here, right now.