Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Backpacking and Monkeys

It's been a long time since I've written. The craziness has taken over and right now I am beside myself with anxiety and panic. Less to do with the kids than commitments I've made on my time. It will ease up after this coming weekend and, for that, I'm very thankful.

Ken took Kieran on his very first backpacking trip. We had scheduled the weekend a while back, and then the shutdown threw a curveball because Ken's first choice of forest was closed. Plan B got cut because they did not allow campfires, so... the good news is that the shutdown ended just before their trip and the boys had a great time. Here are a few photos Ken took of their trip. Kieran still had a great time even though it poured down rain, they had to ford a stream and mud on their final day. He's looking forward to his next trip.

Amelia and I had some fun together while the boys were out. She got very focused on "monkeys" because we chatted with my mom on Friday on the way home. She told Mia "Bye Monkey!" and Amelia just fastened onto that thought. She's been very monkey-centric ever since. She found a sock monkey stuffed animal her Grandma gave her and has been carrying it around, and she has to have it before going to bed at night. She continues to talk about 'bye monkey' and likes to make monkey noises. I have added a bunch of monkey-related items to her holiday wishlist.

She's also saying her own name and having a good time with her swim lessons. She's still very "Monkey see, Monkey do" around Kieran (which I have said with great frequency, usually to get Kieran to not climb on something because his sister will be right behind him). He's still doting on her but I see the frustration starting to come through as well. Ah, sibling junk.

Because of his love of animals, Kieran had asked if we could have his party somewhere with animals. I found a nature center that allows birthday parties (and has an indoor space, a rare thing in a nature center). This particular one they bring out 5 animals for 45 minutes of your 3 hour time. Talking with Ken about it, I suggested that we talk with Kieran about forgoing birthday presents in favor of asking his friends to make a donation to the center, which is trying to raise money for an exercise cage for injured animals. He barely hesitated before saying (enthusiastically) YES. Really proud of him for making that decision.

So, the final chapter here is about me, you can skip it if you like, I won't be offended. Remember how I said I was crazy? Yeah, so work is insane right now with a lot of projects and balls in the air. On top of that and just trying to be sure we have dinner each night and whatnot, I've been volunteering with a Halloween party, i don't have a ton to do - promotions, mostly - but remembering to do it is hard and I want to be sure it's a successful event. On top of those two things, my grandmother - who is 95 - has to move (she needs more help and has to move to a more assisted living area, she's in independent living at her retirement community now). When they told her about the move (which happens tomorrow) she said "Oh, I'll talk with my family." Mom and I don't think she really understands that she has no choice and will be moved tomorrow. We're in for a rough time - all of us -as she's going to be super-pissed and we're going to have to deal with moving her into a smaller place.

OK there's more but my mind is mush and I want to go get Kieran from school. Love to all, blog again... eventually.

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Wynne said...

Jana - My impression is that you have a couple of mighty fine men in your little family to go with the fine women. You and Ken are doing a marvelous job with Kieran and Mia. My thoughts, prayers and empathies are with you and your mom tomorrow. I know your grandmother reacts to trauma with anger, but treat her gently (I know you will, but don't let her stress you).
All my best to you